Spongelle Halloween Collection Boxed Flower Enchanted Night


Experience the seductive scent of Spongell√©‚Äôs Halloween Collection in Enchanted Night‚ÄĒcomplete with a limited-edition glow-in-the-dark packaging for all the starry night feels. Enriched with Witch Hazel extracts and autumnal notes of juicy orange, fresh pumpkin, and vanilla musk, this captivating body wash-infused buffer gently cleanses and softens skin with the glowing allure of starry nights for 14+ intoxicating showers.¬†

Smells Like
Fall nights filled with wild abandon

Feels Like 
A masquerade ball under the stars

Fragrance Notes 
Top: Juicy Orange
Middle: Fresh Pumpkin
Base: Vanilla Musk